Episode 020 The Energy that Binds Us

In this episode we say goodbye to Stacy as she moves on to new adventures and introduce our next guest, Josh Morgan, a sociologist and fellow podcaster. We discuss the meaning of the term HumanCurrent, which encompasses the complex connections that shape and influence us: our evolving human mind, our personal and professional networks, our ideas and our history. We each play a role in the development and evolution of our humanity and the energy that binds us, our human current.

Show Notes

Quotes from this episode:

"We share ideas with each other, yet we can each create uniquely from the same idea." - Stacy Hale

"We ebb and flow, expand beyond our current situation, and connect to other networks." - Angie Cross

"The HumanCurrent is putting humanity into complexity, a very intelligent and academic subject." - Stacy Hale

"I try to encourage everyone to see humanity as this whole, but at the same time recognize that we are all constituent parts of this whole...we all have a role to play whether we like it or not." - Josh Morgan

"I become interested in the complexity of things like social hierarchies, just to understand what structures, if any, support these problems (like social trust), as well as how they affect social resilience among different populations." - Josh Morgan

Note:Although we are saddened to lose her wonderful voice, lively spirit, and innovative mind, we are forever changed and connected to our friend and co-host, Stacy Hale. And, we celebrate that she is moving on to another amazing opportunity -- Cheers to Stacy!