Episode 006 Information, Ants & Inequality

Most of us are unaware of how our actions lead to self-organizing behavior." In this episode we talk with Diego Espinosa, founder of the complexity based Sistema Research, about the way information travels in ant colonies, financial meltdowns, and human social networks--and the things these complex systems all have in common: feedback loops. In a complex world where we are bombarded with false signals about certainty, how can we regain resilience? 

Show Notes

Quotes from this episode:

"Preferential attachment is the tendency for certain nodes within a system that have a lot of connections already to make more connections." - Stacy Hale

"A self organizing system is basically a system in which order emerges from the different pieces following simple rules and interacting with each other and that order is kind not mystical, but kind of magical in a sense." - Diego Espinosa

"The way we wanted to hold on to the certainty was by essentially borrowing money." - Diego Espinosa

"Take back control of your personal relationship with uncertainty." - Diego Espinosa