Episode 024 Discover Your Intercultural Intelligence

In this episode, Angie interviews motivational speaker, author, and leadership coach, Gloria Burgess, to discuss patterns and systems within human history. Gloria explains that because we are truly interconnected systems, how we relate to ourselves and each other matters. We all have the ability to gain “intercultural intelligence” in order to move through the world and systems differently.

Show Notes

Quotes from this episode:

"When you allow racial disparity and institutional inequity to affect one part of the country, eventually it's coming back to get everyone." - Tim Wise

"Light comes in at the edges and end of a pattern, so a new pattern can begin" - Gloria Burgess

"The institution of racism, is something we built with power and privilege..if we built it we can unbuild it." - Gloria Burgess

"When we are overwhelmed and confused... we reach for the old maps, the routine responses, what worked in the past...But to navigate life today, we definitely need new maps... The maps we need are in us, but not in only one of us. If we read the currents and signs together, we'll find our way through.” - Margaret Wheatley


Resources from this episode:

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