Episode 027 Applying Design Thinking to Complex, Wicked Problems

How do we take an understanding of complexity and apply it to how we handle “wicked problems”? Is design thinking an innovative action plan for approaching complex problems? In this episode, Angie talks with our former co-host Stacy Hale to address these questions and take a closer look at what “design thinking” really means.

Show Notes

Resources from this episode:

Stacy Hale was the Managing Editor of design4emergence, a digital magazine which blends network science, design thinking, and strategy for better decision making in the age of networks.

The premiere issue will be available this week at design4emergence.com You can also find them on Twitter

Fostering Complexity Thinking in Action Research for Change in Social–Ecological Systems

Design Thinking is “a methodology to solve complex problems, and find desirable solutions.” - Creativity at work