Episode 031 Understanding Complexity in Context, A Reflection Episode

In this throwback episode, Haley shares some clips from past guests: Diego EspinosaTK ColemanGloria Burgess, and Jason Dykstra. The interview clips we share are responses to these questions: what is a self organizing system, how did you become interested in systems thinking, and why does understanding complexity matter?

Show Notes

Quotes from this episode:

“I grew up in a complex system.” - Gloria Burgess

“A self organizing system is basically a system in which order emerges from the different pieces following simple rules and interacting with each other.. and that order is kind of magical.” - Diego Espinosa

“Understanding context and what systems theory has to say can shine light on apparent discrepancies.” - TK Coleman

“Understanding how we can approach complexity is so useful in our everyday life...complexity is all around us...it’s a great opportunity to learn more about ourselves and our role within the world.”- Jason Dykstra

Resources from this episode:

General Systems Theory: Beginning with Wholes

The Answer Is Under Your Foot. How Ants Solve Inequality