Episode 032 Exploring Complex Human Networks

In this episode, Stacy interviews Angie about the ins and outs of action research for her Master’s in Leadership project. They also introduce the topic of complex human networks with guest Mary Anne Herrick, who is the Communication’s Program Officer at World Vision and the President of Foster Care Alumni of America (FCAA). FCAA  is also the sponsoring organization for Angie’s Master project.

Show Notes

Quotes from this episode:

“Action research became the opposite of scientific research. Instead of standing outside the experiment, watching what happens and writing up your findings, you become a learner in a situation you helped devise. You develop a stake. You assume responsibility.” - Marvin Wiesbord, Productive Workplaces

“Cheers to emergent social networks powered by shared narratives and shared values.” - Stacy Hale


Resources from this episode:

Angie's MA in Leadership is at Royal Roads University 

May is Foster Care Month! Please click here to donate to FCAA.

You can watch this video to learn more about Mary Herrick's amazing work with World Vision.