Episode 023 Throwback to 2015

In this episode, Angie and Haley reflect upon the Human Current’s journey of curiosity, learning, and exploration in 2015. They listen to a few clips and highlights from some past guests including: Michele Battle-Fisher, Jason DykstraIsaac Morehouse, and Bonnie Caver. The complexity team compiled this episode to further explore and validate the theory that a complexity or systems thinking lens can be used in all aspects of life.

Show Notes

Quotes from this episode:

"We started this podcast as a passion project based on our mentor, Douglas Drane's idea of getting the concept of complexity and systems thinking out to the world." - Angie Cross

"We have interviewed some great minds from fields of study like Healthcare Policy, Education, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Finance, Economics, and Emergency Planning." - Angie Cross and Haley Campbell

“Whether we look at team dynamics, the evolution of strategies, or the behavior of markets–the pattern of local interactions, emergence, and feedback is apparent.” -Martin Reeves, Simon Levin, and Daichi Ueda