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Episode 002 The F-Word Failure (And Feedback Loops)

When is screwing up beneficial? What can we learn from failure and its relationship with uncertainty and innovation? In this episode we toss around a few f-words to explore what happens when "noise" is part of the co-evolution of a system.

Show Notes

Quotes from this episode:

"When you want to design a system for adaptability you need to get good at something called Weak Signal Detection and that is at the first sign of something coalescing that's not going to be good, that's going to break the system. Catch it then integrate the feedback sooner rather than later rather than waiting for it to fall apart. You say oh okay, integrate the feedback sooner, so you look for those weak signals." - Stacy Hale 

"So you can start to see where there's coherence and adjust accordingly quicker feedback cycles. I'm just fascinated with kids and how they treat failure and how it relates to their sense of focus, cause they seem to understand and, it's not maybe conscious but, they understand that what they do is completely interrelated with the world around them in some ways. I don't know, or maybe they're just not concerned about it and that's why it works." - Stacy Hale