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Episode 009 "Systems Citizens"

Peter Senge referred to "systems citizenship" as the leadership mandate for this millennium. So how can we all be better systems citizens?   In this episode we ask real systems citizens (practitioners and educators) at Royal Roads University in Canada how studying complexity helps them understand the world and solve real world problems.   What is complexity's "definable, deliverable gift to the world? How can we use it to influence and make impact, and even grow ourselves as people? 

Show Notes

Quotes from this episode:

"The way I look at systems, it is a continuum and remember when we talk about boundaries in systems thinking, I'd like to think that boundaries are set by the discussions that are taking place." - Kassam Habibullah

"For me, it [systems thinking] requires me to be aware about my own assumptions, preconceptions, the way I see the world, the way I perceive the world, my expectations and being really self-aware about those and be intentional about challenging how I look at situations, how I look at systems, how I perceive it, forces me to be open and flexible and looking at different ways to get to a destination." - Kathy Sturgeon