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Episode 022 Turning Affordable Housing on It’s Head

In this episode Angie and Lindsey interview Walter Moreau, the Executive Director for Foundation Communities, a nonprofit which creates housing where families succeed. Walter discusses how the foundation leverages a systems-approach to affordable housing in order to provide a successful, sustainable program for families. His inspirational stories help paint a picture of how networks can work together to influence change within systemic problems.  

Show Notes

Quotes from this episode:

“It is often tempting to assume that the agents of a system are all basically the same” - Harnessing Complexity

“Beyond systems thinking [approaching affordable housing] is more chaos have to be able to roll with the ups and downs of development” - Walter Moreau

“Affordable housing isn’t for ‘those people’, it’s for us - people we know [our community].” - Walter Moreau


Resources from this episode:

You can find Foundation Communities on Twitter.