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Episode 028 Leaping into Design Thinking with Thought Leader Turi McKinley from frog design

In this episode, Angie interviews Turi McKinley from frog design, a global design and strategy firm. As a leader at frog, Turi regularly utilizes design thinking principles in order to excel frog’s thought leadership initiatives. During her interview, Turi explains the complex topic of design thinking in layman’s terms, as well as why design thinking is an essential mindset for anyone dealing with complex, wicked problems.

Show Notes

Quotes from this episode:

“Stop talking & start making!” - Turi McKinley

"You need to have multiple perspectives together in order to make a solution that is meaningful to the user, appropriate for the business, and sustainable in the market." - Turi McKinley

“You should talk and plan collaboratively as a team but more importantly DO, build & make something together.” - Angie Cross

“Turi is great at taking this complex topic of design and breaking it down to layman’s terms. It goes to show how well she understands it.” - Angie Cross


Resources from this episode:

At Frog, Turi leads the frogCamp program, which builds the capabilities and processes that enable teams to transform the way they approach user centered design and innovation.

You can also find frog design & Turi McKinley on Twitter

Turi’s online Lynda course: “Design Thinking: Lead Change in your Organization”