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Episode 043 Conscious Voting Through Political Curiosity

In this episode, Angie and Haley explore their political mental models in order to question their own assumptions and ideologies. They also share clips from past guests, John Feehery and Spencer Gerrol, regarding presidential power in the USA. Additionally, they discuss some helpful resources, like the quiz on, to help increase awareness of the complexity underneath most political “talking points”.

Show Notes

Quotes from this episode:

“Not everything aligns with what we may believe.” - Angie Cross

“Power in the US is unusually decentralised for a strong nation. The fact that there are so many levers to that power should undermine narratives of presidential leadership. Alas, such complexity would not help television ratings.” - Erik Loomis

“The unelected bureaucrats in this country (U.S.A.) have more power over our daily lives than most of us recognize.” - John Feehery

“It’s easy for us to get angry, but it’s time for us to get smart because we have a democracy in crisis.” - Annie Leonard

“An average 43% of Americans identified politically as independents in 2014” - Gallup

“If we listen hard enough, we can dig down to the complexity hidden underneath the talking points and hyperbole and have positive, productive conversations with the other side that will actually move our country forward.” - Joe McGovern

“Simple us-versus-them, right-or-wrong, black-and-white games are much easier to process than the complexity of a pluralist system. But clearly, that simple game is not the best we can do.” - Michelle Holiday


Resources from this episode:

I Side With - an online voting guide and tool for conscious voting

The Other Side Documentary: A Liberal American Explores Conservative America - by Joe McGovern

The Story of Citizens United v FEC - by Annie Leonard