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Episode 008 Trust the Process

Complexity shouldn't make people anxious--in fact it should make life simpler. With all this talk of emergence and working with uncertainty, it seems like there's an element of "trust the process" at work in putting complex systems theory to work in the workplace. What does that look like? In this casual conversation, Stacy & Angie ask, what does it mean to trust the process? How do you structure your attitude, mental models and workplace for emergence? How can an understanding of life as networks, and an awareness of our own value systems & mental models bring us a sense of personal mastery?

Show Notes

Quotes from this episode:

Yet every person in the world is dealing with a multiplicity of units and combinations of forces which make up his entire daily life and which create his environment and life circumstances.” - Alice Bailey

"Maybe it's not so much trying to achieve the ultimate certainty that we need to be concerned with, but being responsible with certainty." - Stacy Hale

How do you use big data and yet still take into account the heuristics and passing on knowledge? Angie Cross

"The wisdom that your grandmother shared with you, on the porch with a glass of iced tea is still important." - Stacy Hale

"Even though we're becoming complexity aware and we're understanding the importance of networks in the evolution of our societies, our economies, ourselves, still we’re clinging to our big data to draw reductionist conclusions." - Stacy Hale

"By being aware of our mental models, we can see how everything that happens is filtered through us and we can guide that." - Stacy Hale