Fractal Art from Subblue

I was really excited to connect with this amazing artist, Tom Beddard, who kindly allowed us to use his work in the cover art for our latest episode of the HumanCurrent podcast. I was looking for an image that would communicate something I saw in a dream, a sort of "hive mind" made of interrelated ecosystems. And there it was, a 3D fractal world.

Tom is a laser physicist who fell in love with fractal geometry and now creates these intricate and otherworldly 3D renderings, which are a perfect visual example of complex systems. I mean, how trippy is this stuff?!

His work has been featured in the Huffington Post, Fast Company Design, and earned a Staff Pick award on Vimeo. See more at or find him on twitter @subblue.

Listen to our latest episode, a casual conversation about complexity, culture, and the "hive mind" of an organization.

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