Data is Not the End of the Story

We systems thinkers... Why do we want so badly to understand? Maybe we want to know the relationship of everything to everything else. Of self to All-That-Is. Maybe we want food on the table and world peace. Either way: complexity is the network of networks. A very BIG idea that we now have better tools to explore. Where is home for this Big Idea? What are its most massive and minute manifestations

Data is not the end of the story. There is more. 

We all have big questions here, real world problems and existential gateways that systems thinkers can only answer as a network. Love letters between the heart and mind of humanity. The perfect equilibrium is a moving target somewhere between data addiction and philosophical abstraction, where a better understanding of complex systems sparks new solutions to world problems. We suspect that complex systems weave through every living being and nonliving agent in every sort of ecosystem imaginable. Politics is one way things get done. But like data, it’s one facet of the Big Story of Networks. Networks ensure our survival. There's room for everyone.

We need philosophers, futurists, educators and number crunchers in the conversation, exploring uncharted horizons and drawing new maps

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