2015 - The HumanCurrent Journey


The HumanCurrent is a passion project for our supporter, cheerleader, and mastermind, Douglas Drane. He is the reason our team exists, and it is his love for complexity that we share with the world everyday. Doug’s one and only mission for us is to “change the world”, which might seem like an extraordinary task, but in reality, it’s a simple one. You just have to realize that changing the world starts with one person and one idea. For our story, that person is Doug and his idea is the Complexity model.

But, we have come to realize that his idea is actually much more than a model, it’s a way of thinking about the world. Complexity is what makes life interesting and beautiful, and it is our job to recognize and respect how perfectly the universe operates without our interference. In fact, it is our desire to control that is our downfall. Ironically, the more we try to enforce our own structures, rules, and theories to the systems around us, the less control we have over them. 

Let go of certainty. The opposite isn’t uncertainty. It’s openness, curiosity and a willingness to embrace paradox, rather than choose up sides
— Tony Schwartz

We can learn so much just from closely observing the world, and the systems around us. And what we learn can be applied to all areas of our life. It’s that simple - Ok it’s supposed to be simple, but it’s a foreign concept to most of us. For that reason, the HumanCurrent has made it their mission to change the world with one word, curiosity.

Curiosity is one of the greatest secrets to happiness
— Bryant McGill

Our journey began and continues with a spirit of curiosity. We use it to fuel our conversations about complexity, to inspired others to share their stories, and to find the hidden connections which help us all understand the world a little better.

Over the past year, we have intently explored the idea that we can use a complexity or systems thinking lens to examine everything in life, and we have tested this theory by asking tons of questions to brilliant people within many different fields. Some of these fields included: Health Care Policy, Conflict Resolution, Education, Entrepreneurship, Company Culture, Marketing, Emergency Planning, and Inequality.

Our open-minded conversations with professionals like: Michelle Battle-Fisher, Isaac Morehouse, Jason Dykstra, Bonnie Caver, Thomas Appleyard, & Diego Espinosa helped us collaboratively explore the many different definitions and applications for complexity in work and life. Their stories and our continuous reflection throughout the year has helped us trace the connections and interrelationships within and between different systems.

It’s been an exciting journey, and we can’t wait to explore complexity further in 2016!

Thank you to Doug and all our guests who have contributed to our mission thus far. And for our listeners: don't be shy. If you want to join in the conversation about complexity, systems thinking, design thinking, or any other related topic, contact us today!


You can listen to the HumanCurrent podcast here and don't forget to subscribe in iTunes. Stay tuned for our next episode, where Haley and Angie reflect upon the Human Current’s journey of curiosity, learning, and exploration in 2015. They also share a few of the team’s favorite clips from past guests.