The co-hosts of The HumanCurrent are very excited to announce they are collaborating with Complexity Labs for a series of live streaming video conversations about all things complexity. 

We are calling this video discussion series "Complexity Live" and it will be a once a month event hosted on Google Hangouts (YouTube Live) at Complexity Labs Youtube Channel .

Our very first Complexity Live will take place Friday, June 8th at 6PM GMT and anyone with a curious mind can listen in and ask questions while the conversation unfolds. If you are unable to attend the live event, don't worry, you will still be able to watch the recorded conversation on Youtube.

Complexity Live group discussions will include up to 10 people and we are extending invitations to anyone interested in being an active participant. If you would like to become an active participant in our upcoming conversation on June 8th, please fill out this form.  

We want to encourage all our community members to join these live events, because there could be some surprise guests joining the conversation :)

We hope to see you at Complexity Live!

You can listen to the HumanCurrent podcast here and don't forget to subscribe in iTunes. Listen to our recent podcast interview with co-author of Embracing Complexity, Jean Boulton. Let's work happy!