Episode 048 The Intersection of Diversity, Innovation & Performance

Episode 48

The intersection of diversity, innovation & Performance

February 9, 2017

In this episode, Haley interviews Paolo Gaudiano, an entrepreneur, teacher and visionary who applies complexity science and thinking to all aspects of his work and life. He is the President and Chief Technology Officer at Icosystem, which is an inspirational organization that combines expertise in human behavior & decision-making with simulation and optimization techniques inspired by complexity science and biology to build predictive analytics solutions. Paolo is also professor at CCNY and a Forbes contributing author of a blog called, The Complexity of Diversity.

Show Notes

Quotes from this episode:

“Probably the most crucial concept to convey to people is the notion of emergence and in particular the idea that a complex system is one that consist of many different elements. The idea is that each individual has a simple behavior, but by interacting with each other and with their environment, the behavior of the system as a whole emerges from all of these interactions. And, that behavior can sometimes be very unpredictable even if you know what all the individuals are doing” - Paolo Gaudiano

“We would argue that every business is really a complex system, and when you take an action within your company, you get ripple effects that can have a profound long-lasting impact on the business. Diversity is a perfect example of that.” - Paolo Gaudiano

“Unfortunately a lot of today’s tools in business are really supposed to be working for complicated systems not complex systems.” - Paolo Gaudiano

“The world is going crazy on the idea of big data. What people are doing is abdicating their knowledge and domain expertise and basically handing a bunch of data over to a mathematician that understands what to do with the data, but does not necessarily understand the business.” - Paolo Gaudiano

“Because businesses are so complex today, leaders really need to understand the notions of complexity, emergence, tipping points and even though tools like statistics are still useful they need to understand what the limitations are.” - Paolo Gaudiano