Episode 049 Using Data & Design to Empower Teams

Episode 49

Using Data & Design to Empower Teams

February 23, 2017

In this episode, Angie interviews innovator, silicon valley veteran, and VP of Marketing at iCharts, Rico Andrade. Rico discusses the importance of a leader’s role in empowering teams and creating the right environment and conditions for them to interact and make real-time decisions. He also explains that because the world is more complex and data driven it is becoming more important than ever for leaders to release some control and allow for emergent insights to play a role in guiding business decisions. Rico claims that using “data as a team member” is a powerful way for leaders to design employee collaboration and problem-solving.

Show Notes

Quotes from this episode:

“Sometimes we over value the significance and contribution of a strong, single leader. A lot of leadership is about creating the environment and conditions, in which different parts of an organization can interact with each other and lead themselves without having a traditional hierarchy ”- Rico Andrade

“The release of control in the right way unleashes something that you could never have planned for otherwise, and it allows a lot of opportunity for new insights and new execution to occur.” - Rico Andrade

“In a sense, what the role of a leader becomes in an organization is more than just setting a vision, but creating the conditions for the vision to set itself in some situations.”- Rico Andrade

“Design thinking is much more about a mindset. It’s much more about creating a set of tools and a framework that you can keep coming back to when you are unsure what to do next.” - Rico Andrade

“As the world becomes increasingly data driven and increasingly more complex, the companies that are going to survive are ones that enable their employees with tools and empower them to make good data-driven decisions, in real time.” - Rico Andrade


Resources from this episode:

Team of Teams by General Stanley McChrystal

Creativity Ink by Ed Catmull

Out of Control by Kevin Kelly