Episode 051 Learning from Nature

Episode 51

Learning from nature

March 23, 2017

In this episode, Haley interviews author, public speaker, and education transformer, Laurie Marshall. Laurie discusses her passion for empowering youth through creative collaboration and introduces her new book, Beating the Odds Now, which she describes as “a love letter for teachers” to help them feel inspiration and joy in their work. Laurie also shares the importance of looking to nature as a tool for learning and a way for each individual to discover their inner genius. The cover image for this episode is titled “Fig Singing Tree of the Child”.  

Show Notes

Quotes from this episode:

“I want to use my genius to fix what breaks my heart.” - Laurie Marshall

“My book [Beating the Odds Now] is a love letter to teachers.” - Laurie Marshall

“How does nature solve a human challenge in the local ecosystem?” - Laurie Marshall

“Competition in nature is always in the context of an overriding, interconnected mutualism where all organisms benefit from keeping a balance of eating and being eaten.” - Laurie Marshall

“To divorce ourselves from nature and use it as a commodity has resulted in to sickness and alienation, the warming of the atmosphere, the acidification of the oceans, and the sixth greatest mass extinction event that’s currently underway. It’s a great sickness in our human population around the world.” - Laurie Marshall

“Instead of being one that’s for fossil fuel or against fossil fuels, if we change the story to: how do we create clean renewable energy because the next generations survival depends on it, we can come up with new ways of doing it. It’s an exciting time to come up with the third way, the new story, instead of just looking at people as our enemies.” - Laurie Marshall

“Go outside and learn about your local ecosystem! And walk outside with a young person.” - Laurie Marshall


Resources from this episode:

Conversational Intelligence by Judith Glaser