Episode 060 Exploring the Science of What Connects Us

Episode 60

Exploring the science of what connects us

August 10, 2017

In this episode of the HumanCurrent, Angie and Haley talk about their experience at IONS (The Institute of Noetic Sciences) 17th International Conference The Science of What Connects Us and share their interview with Dr. Cassandra Vieten, the President of IONS. Dr. Vieten explains some of the mind-expanding projects happening at IONS in the intersection of technology, innovation, and consciousness.

Show Notes

Quotes from this episode:

"I'm president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and IONS was founded about 44 years ago by the Apollo Fourteen Astronaut Edgar Mitchell who is the sixth person to walk on the moon and on his way back to the earth from his moonwalk, he had the window seat in the space capsule and he was looking at the sun and the moon and the earth and the stars and this rotating space capsule and he had this deep profound experience of being interconnected with everything he saw, like the molecules that made up his body were the same as the molecules of the space capsule and the sun and the earth and the moon." - Cassandra Vieten

"Inner knowing is what we know less about scientifically and that's what IONS is investigating and I think the reason it's important is that when we rely only on the scientific way of knowing, that has kind of brought us a lot of positive things like cures for diseases and awesome technologies but it's also brought us to a place where we're polluting the planet and we've created nuclear weapons and all of these things that could bring an end to us. When we were only on subjective knowing that's kind of like the old days, the dark ages with religion...So, the idea here is to take both that powerful scientific way of knowing externally and the powerful way of inner knowing bring those together and that's probably where we're going to be able to innovate solutions." - Cassandra Vieten