Episode 065 Hardwiring Happiness with Dr. Rick Hanson

Episode 65

hardwiring happiness with dr. rick hanson

October 5, 2017

How can we leverage self-directed neuroplasticity, so we can grow and change as much as possible? In this episode, Angie interviews best-selling author and psychologist Dr. Rick Hanson, who explains how understanding evolutionary neuropsychology and using daily meditative practice can help us feel safe, satisfied and connected. He describes the difference between engaging life with a responsive mindset, as opposed to a reactive mindset. As a human potential expert, Dr. Hanson says we are more resilient and happier when we are in the “green zone” with a responsive mindset because this expansive thinking mode allows us to combat our negativity bias and take in the good in our lives.

Show Notes

Quotes from this episode:

“The most important thing a person can do really, is to steepen their growth curve.” - Dr. Rick Hanson

“Neurons that fire together, wire together.” - Dr. Rick Hanson

“Think complexly, act simply” - Dr. Rick Hanson

"If there's one take away from everything we've been talking about here is that everyone has the power inside themselves everyday to grow a little bit, to heal a little bit, to become a little wiser, a little stronger, a little happier, a little more loving, everybody has that capacity to help their brain and their body all together change for the better everyday." - Dr. Rick Hanson


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