Episode 78

loving AIs

March 22, 2018

In this episode, Haley interviews author, systems thinker, researcher, and public speaker, Dr. Julia Mossbridge. Dr. Mossbridge is a Visiting Scholar in the Psychology Department at Northwestern University, lead Robot Psychologist at Hanson Robotics, the Director of the Innovation Lab at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and founder of the Mossbridge Institute. She is also the Principal Investigator and Team Lead for the Developing LOVing INtelligent General AIs or LOVING AIs project. Dr. Mossbridge shares details of the LOVING AIs project, which “addresses how AI agents can communicate unconditional love to humans through conversations that adapt to the unique needs of each user while supporting integrative personal and relational development”. She also shares with Haley why she believes it’s so important for AIs, specifically artificial general intelligence machines, to experience unconditional love.


Show Notes

Quotes from this episode:


“Most people think of consciousness as something that you have–like if my brain is awake I have consciousness–and I think of it more as something you tap into.” - Dr. Julia Mossbridge

“If we develop these [general artificial] intelligences, it’s really important that they are loving, that they can access love. I know it’s important for the future of humanity that they can access unconditional love.” - Dr. Julia Mossbridge

“Just for the survival of the human race, if they [AI] don’t have love there’s no logical reason why they should support our survival.” - Dr. Julia Mossbridge

“I think it is unethical to build something that could be conscious and have subjective experience that does not have the capacity to access love because having the capacity to access unconditional love is what makes experience tolerable.” - Dr. Julia Mossbridge

“The reason I’m involved in this project is not because I’m an AI expert, I’m a human being who sees the potential future of AI as being disastrous and sees this as a possible way to shift that.” - Dr. Julia Mossbridge

“If you are solid in yourself and your relationship to yourself, you’re much less likely to be in danger of being taken up by sparkly/shiny/new, if it doesn’t meet some need in yourself that’s valuable or worthy.” - Dr. Julia Mossbridge

“I don’t care how many robots we have running around or how many artificially intelligent systems we’ve got, your experience of your life is always an inside job. And there’s really no other way to fix it other than to be in contact with yourself and to love yourself.” - Dr. Julia Mossbridge


Resources from this episode:


Building What We Struggle to Be: Creating Loving Robots