Episode 088 The Science & Philosophy of Complexity

Episode 88

The Science & Philosophy of Complexity

An Interview with Carlos Gershenson

June14, 2018

In this episode, Haley interviews research professor and leader of the Self-Organizing Systems Lab at UNAM, Carlos Gershenson. Gershenson discusses findings from his book, Complexity: 5 Questions, which is comprised of “interview style contributions by leading figures in the field of complexity”. He also shares his own perspectives on the past, present and future of complexity science, as well as how philosophy plays a role in the emergence of science.

Show Notes

Quotes from this episode:

“I like to promote knowledge related to complex systems because I think to have some practical impact people need to know what science is offering to solve real world problems.” - Carlos Gershenson

“As new generations become familiar with these ideas, I think there will be a change in our world view and we will embrace this lack of predictability and it will be better because instead of trying to ignore the limitations that we have for prediction, we will be designing our systems and our societies so they can better cope with this lack of predictability by adapting and being more resilient.” - Carlos Gershenson


Resources from this episode:

Carlos Gershenson is also Editor-in-Chief of Complexity Digest & Council Member of the Complex Systems Society