Episode 091 Localism & the Economics of Happiness

Episode 91

Localism & the Economics of Happiness

July 19, 2018

In this episode, Haley interviews author, filmmaker and founder of Local Futures, Helena Norberg-Hodge. Helena is a pioneer of the ‘new economy’ movement and has been promoting an economics of personal, social and ecological well-being for more than thirty years. During her interview, she discusses the harmful consequences of economic globalization, and advocates for localism as a systemic path to return us ‘to the reality of complexity, diversity and interdependence of all life.’ Helena also shares the importance of spreading systemic and economic literacy, which is a mission she works toward at Local Futures.


Show Notes

Quotes from this episode:

“Our dominant economic system is actually anti-life. It is imposing a monoculture both in biological terms and in human terms. A consumer monoculture is being pushed around the world.” — Helena Norberg-Hodge

“Localization is about a deep reconnection to others and to nature.” — Helena Norberg-Hodge

“It becomes extremely difficult to take a position when you are seeing things as separate linear issues. But if you step back and see that we have these two systemic directions, one of them ever more energy-intensive, techno-intensive, capital-intensive taking us further and further away from the reality of our dependence on the living Earth, on mother Gaia. And on the other hand, we have another path, which is actually a multitude of paths and so there is no one single formula, there is no one imposition.” — Helena Norberg-Hodge

“I often say localism, as a systemic path, is an ism that can end all isms because it is a return to the reality of complexity, diversity and interdependence of all life.” — Helena Norberg-Hodge       

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