Episode 105 Modeling & Forecasting Infectious Diseases

Episode 105

Modeling & Forecasting Infectious Diseases

An Interview with Irene Bosch & Elena Naumova

September 20, 2018

In this episode, Angie talks with Irene Bosch and Elena Naumova at the Ninth International Conference on Complex Systems. Irene Bosch is a research scientist at MIT who works with Tropical diseases and viruses like Zika, Dengue, and Chikungunya. Bosch discusses the lack of research and understanding around how diseases are diagnosed and spread. She also talks about the potential benefits of interdisciplinary collaborations in forecasting epidemics and bringing solutions for diagnostics. Bosch’s work colleague, Elena Naumova, a Mathematician and Director of the Tufts University Initiative for Forecasting and Modeling of Infectious Diseases, also talks with Angie about how she applies mathematical models to better understand different kinds of biological phenomenon.  

Show Notes

Elena Naumova (left) and Irene Bosch (center) talking with Angie at ICCS

Elena Naumova (left) and Irene Bosch (center) talking with Angie at ICCS

Quotes from this episode:

“How can we diagnose these diseases and do we diagnose these diseases? And the answer is no, for the most part.” — Irene Bosch

“If we don’t know how many people are infected how could we start understanding how these diseases spread?” — Irene Bosch

“The data on spreading has to come from the monitoring.” — Irene Bosch

“We are facing a 21st century problem with tools that are from 100 years ago. We still die from a mosquito bite.” — Irene Bosch

“We hope with solutions like modeling, forecasting and taking into account environmental factors, movement and land use, we will be able to predict ‘hot spots’ or even predict when in the year these epidemics will occur. Then we will be able to intervene in a very early fashion.” — Irene Bosch

“We hope that by dispersing data this problem becomes of global importance.” — Irene Bosch

“We are working in a molecular way/scale but in order to have an impact on human health, you need the other scales.” — Irene Bosch

“My passion for a long time to learn how to apply mathematical models, computational models, statistical models into something practical.” — Elena Naumova

“The use of remote sensing data right now demonstrates huge utility of what can be applied to improving human health right away.” — Elena Naumova