Episode 109 The Social Pursuit of Order

Episode 109

The Social Pursuit of Order

An interview with Loren Demerath

October 11, 2018

In this episode, Angie talks with Loren Demerath at the Ninth International Conference on Complex Systems. Dr. Demerath is an author, researcher, theorist of social complexity and Professor of Sociology at the Centenary College of Louisiana. He discusses the fundamental nature of complex systems and how he applies concepts of complexity science to his research on culture, social interaction, and the emergence of order.

Professor Demerath is the author of Explaining Culture: The Social Pursuit of Subjective Order

Show Notes


Quotes from this episode:

“Network analysis is all over the place in my field [sociology] and so that’s the way we will be connecting with a lot of the physicist who are doing sociophysics.” — Loren Demerath

“It’s a good way to introduce students to the utility of a liberal arts education, just to teach complexity.”  — Loren Demerath

“What we are hoping to get out of it [our research] is a model that shows how efficient language development makes a system of agents and how agents organize themselves by developing a system of language.” — Loren Demerath

“We are really looking to create a model of how any kind of agent of information creates a community that eventually becomes bounded based on language. We are trying to evolve language basically.” — Loren Demerath  

“It’s an aesthetic pleasure that we take in putting the world in order and there are fundamental dimensions of culture that make the world more meaningful for us.” — Loren Demerath