Complexity Live July 2018

"Complexity Live" is a once a month video discussion event hosted on Google Hangouts (YouTube Live) at Complexity Labs Youtube Channel .

Our next Complexity Live will take place on Friday, July 13th at 6PM GMT (1PM CST). This discussion will be on systems thinking and the conversation will include HumanCurrent co-hosts Angie and Haley, the founder of Complexity Labs, Joss Colchester, as well as the following featured guests:

Martin Sandbrook, who is a systems thinking professor and the Director of Learning at the Schumacher Institute.

Gene Bellinger, who writes for The Systems Thinker website and works with the Kumu project.

Pedro Portela, who works with Complex Social Systems Analysis and Research and is a Global Complexity Network practitioner

Michele Battle-Fisher, who is a Professor and Health Systems Science researcher.

We hope you will join us during this live conversation as we will be looking out for questions in the comments box.

Cheers to systems thinking!