Complexity Live August 2018

"Complexity Live" is a once a month video discussion event hosted on Google Hangouts (YouTube Live) at Complexity Labs Youtube Channel .

Our next Complexity Live will take place on Friday, August 10th at 6PM GMT (1PM CST). This discussion will be on systems change and the conversation will include HumanCurrent co-hosts Angie and Haley, the founder of Complexity Labs, Joss Colchester, as well as the following featured guests:

Dr. Orit Gal is Senior Lecturer in Strategy and Complexity at Regent's University London. She is a political economist specializing in the practical applications of complexity theories. Her current fields of interest include - complexity economics, systemic change, urban networks and social entrepreneurship. 

James Greyson is Founder and CEO of BlindSpot Think Tank.  James has over 20 years professional experience with international sustainability and security challenges. He is a Research Fellow at Earth System Governance and Assessor at the UK government’s innovation agency.  He advises the Katerva Awards2050Kids and the International Biochar Initiative

David Ing is a Canadian systems scientistbusiness architectmanagement consultant and marketing scientist. He served as President of the International Society for the Systems Sciences (2011-2012), and continues as a trustee. He was employed by IBM Canada from 1985 to 2012, in a progression of professional roles. 

Lycia Harper is a fellow at Schumacher Institute and partner at Future Considerations. She is an organisational development consultant specialising in sustainability and change. She helps people develop ‘system sight’ – greater awareness of the dynamics of systems of which they form a part and how to intervene for the greatest impact. 

We hope you will join us during this live conversation as we will be looking out for questions in the comments box.

Cheers to systems change!