Complexity Live January 2019

"Complexity Live" is a once a month video discussion event hosted on Google Hangouts (YouTube Live) on Complexity Labs Youtube Channel .

Our next Complexity Live will take place on Friday, January 11th at 6PM GMT (12PM CST). This one hour discussion will be on “VUCA”, which is an acronym used to describe situations or environments that engender high levels of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. The conversation will include Human Current co-hosts Angie and Haley, the founder of Complexity Labs, Joss Colchester, as well as the following featured guests:

Diego Espinosa writes on complex systems, networks and blockchain. He has launched three blockchain-based ventures, including a Web3.0 data sharing protocol. Diego is also a former guest on the Human Current podcast.

Deon Cloete is an organisational development specialist, systems change entrepreneur, leadership consultant and teacher. His current research and practice explore the re-imagining of change agents praxis for systems innovation and systems change. He has developed strategic plans to address future scenarios by applying cutting-edge methods to analyse, formulate and co-create effective implementation approaches in leading SME’s.

Len Fisher is a scientist, writer and broadcaster who works to share how scientists think about the problems of everyday life. He has won an Ig Nobel Prize (and been voted by the Times newspaper as an “enemy of the people”) for showing how physics could be used to work out the best way to dunk a biscuit, and has written and broadcast extensively about the role of science in food, cooking and gastronomy. More recently, he has become increasingly concerned with the risks that the world now faces.  — Stay tuned for Len’s interview on the Human Current podcast!

Benjamin Taylor is a business evolutionary, systems thinker, and avid learner. He is Managing Partner at RedQuadrant, a business transformation consultancy primarily focused on public services, providing full quality and client managed consultancy services.  Benjamin is also a former guest on the Human Current podcast.

Please tune in to watch the conversation unfold LIVE on January 11th! We will be looking out for questions in the comments box.