Episode 007 Certainty Merchants

"Our personal relationship with uncertainty is fundamental to being human, yet over the last 30 years we’ve begun outsourcing it to other people. You have a relationship to those big questions." Climate change, inequality, the rising cost of college tuition... all complex problems, but not complicated. Out of touch with the rhythms and interdependencies of our natural environment, we look to statistics and experts to help us make major decisions. Are we missing something? In Part 2 of our interview with Diego Espinosa, we learn from a former money manager about how our addiction to certainty over the last three decades has created a whole industry of specialists who make money using statistics to sell the promise of certainty and security--and it's making us more vulnerable. What happens when we stop listening to the the certainty merchants? Can we leverage our strongest social bonds to regain resilience in an uncertain universe? What can the complex patterns of the natural world teach us about ourselves?

Show Notes

Quotes from this episode:

"This is a very personal request that I'm making of people, to reestablish and re engage with uncertainty in their lives. Think about the fact that the future is uncertain. How do you feel about that? How does it make you feel?" - Diego Espinosa

"I think if we see ourselves as a little bit less special, a little bit more part of nature that we’ll naturally start to think about things in a complex systems way." - Diego Espinosa

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