Episode 012 System Thinkers Share Their Stories

Ever had trouble coming up with a single "right" answer? You're not alone. "Though we may be across the world, we breathe the same air," says public health policy scholar Michele Battle-Fisher. In this episode, interview guests and systems thinkers from our audience tell their stories of thinking outside the textbook, eureka moments, and the radical learning experiences that brought them into the systems thinking community.

Show Notes

Quotes from this episode:

"I skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been." - Wayne Gretzky

"Our knowledge is a network of experiences, people and ideas." - Stacy Hale

"I think that leaders and innovators that are standing out these days are finding ways to parle their passions their life experiences into professional skills and vice versa and isn’t that how it should be?" - Stacy Hale

"I think the problem that I have with best practices is the word “best”, because it implies that there is no better way to do things, but as we learn and as we apply our outside of work experiences to work in vice versa, we find better ways to do things through the way that we evolve with the systems that we are apart of." - Stacy Hale

"Health is messy, health is complicated, and the elements that pertain to health are interdependent." - Michele Battle Fisher