How to Be Your Own Resume - Isaac Morehouse of Praxis

Some people believe in a linear career path. Others stop waiting for permission to create and make their own path. Entrepreneurial thinkers understand that they are part of a network, not a link in a chain. So why should we treat higher education like a conveyer belt? Decreasing transaction costs in education + rapid technological advances are making it possible to experiment with being a renaissance man or woman AND land an incredible job.

In this episode we interview Isaac Morehouse, founder of Praxis, writer, and podcaster who's obsessed with human freedom, education, and entrepreneurship

Praxis is a one year program where you learn by doing. Participants work alongside founders and CEOs at an amazing company while also completing a rigorous education experience which includes one-on-one coaching, self-guided projects, hard and soft skills training, and more. Why? Personal mastery is more than being a subject matter expert in a specialized area. It's knowing how to weave together a vast network of skills, passions, people and ideas. 

"The idea that you can achieve expert status in a classroom and then step into the market is silly," Morehouse said. "I think the dichotomy of working and learning will continue to blur." Praxis does just that. 

Focus is self-directed by the participants and even includes philosophy, logic & ethics, economics, digital skills, management, history & culture, and more. The program is producing a workforce of renaissance people and polymaths. At the end, graduates present a portfolio project on a website they've built and demonstrate their mastery through podcast-style conversational interviews.

 "Creative problem solving requires an understanding of the complexity around us, and knowing our place within that system, and where we can create value," Isaac said. "Our market needs complex thinking based on simple rules, not simple thinking based on complex rules."

In the HumanCurrent podcast episode #11, Isaac talks to us about the explorer mentality, the eureka moment, and important shifts in the complex system of higher education.

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