How Mindfulness Impacts the C-Suite

“Lay down and take a deep breath. Can you feel your toes? What sensations do you feel in them? Can you feel them without moving them?”

The guest of our latest episode asks these questions every day. Her name is Pilar Angel and with her company, Axeos Performance Institute, she manages to get CEOs of major companies to lay on the floor with their eyes closed and meditate on their toes.

It may sound strange at first, but her clients will tell you that it works -- it really works. Many come back to her years later thanking her for the mental clarity and energy they’ve gained from a very simple practice. For any executive that difference can be crucial.

Most C-suite champions spend their day on their toes, managing a great deal of complexity. The  morning starts with a board meeting, then a check-in with upper management, a review of reports, then a lunch meeting with a concerned client, and so on. With such an intense daily routine, executives are always in action. Unlike athletes, they rarely get the chance to recharge physically or mentally. When CEOs are burned-out and no longer find themselves at the height of mental clarity -- that which is required to make sound decisions on a daily basis -- they turn to Pilar who helps them along a newer path.

Through meditation and mindfulness exercise, she supports her clients in embracing a new set of activities that add rocket fuel to their work.

Pilar Angel is the co-founder of Axeos Performance Institute. Listen to our interview with her here. You can also find her on Twitter at @axeospi.