Episode 073 Coherence & the Heart's Intuitive Guidance

Episode 73

Coherence & the heart's intuitive guidance

an interview with dr. rollin mcCraty

In this episode, Haley talks with scientist, psychophysiologist, and the Executive Vice President and Director of Research at HeartMath Institute, Dr. Rollin McCraty. Dr. McCraty shares stories and examples from scientific research about the complex nature of heart coherence, intuition, and consciousness. He also talks about HeartMath’s Global Coherence Research, which encompasses scientific data on the interconnectivity of all living systems through Earth’s magnetic field. When wrapping up, Dr. McCraty emphasizes the importance of practicing of self-awareness and self-regulation in order to bring ourselves into balance with the heart’s intuitive guidance and reach higher levels of consciousness.

Show Notes

Quotes from this episode:

“Coherence means the parts of the system are somehow communicating with each other and working together harmoniously. So, there is a lot implied there, that the parts of the system come together in a coherent way to give an output or a function that is greater than the sum of the parts.” - Dr. Rollin McCraty  

“In a complex globally coherent system, like us as human beings, there is an incredible amount of activity that scales...so there are many subsystems that have to work together.” - Dr. Rollin McCraty

“Our thoughts, our emotions, our intuitions are all a part of the emergent properties of a complex system such as us, living human beings. And what we’ve shown in our [HeartMath’s] early work is that when we feel things like frustration, impatience, and anger, especially, that literally creates measurable incoherence within the body’s systems.” - Dr. Rollin McCraty

“We really can’t look at the brain in isolation. It’s part of a larger system.” - Dr. Rollin McCraty

“What a lot of people don’t realize is that the heart has its own complex nervous system, dubbed ‘the heart brain’ and this is meant literally, not metaphorically.” - Dr. Rollin McCraty

“As we learn to follow intuitive flow and really listen to intuitive messages, our inner guidance, that is literally what elevates consciousness an raises the vibration of our consciousness state.”  - Dr. Rollin McCraty

“The daunting issues that face humanity and our planet aren’t going to be solved through technology. The just aren’t. Technology already exists. The problem is in consciousness.” - Dr. Rollin McCraty

“Humanity is globally synchronizing to the rhythms in the earth’s magnetic field.”- Dr. Rollin McCraty