Complexity Live September 2018

"Complexity Live" is a once a month video discussion event hosted on Google Hangouts (YouTube Live) at Complexity Labs Youtube Channel .

Our next Complexity Live will take place on Friday, September 14th at 6PM GMT (1PM CST). This discussion will be on systemic risk and the conversation will include HumanCurrent co-hosts Angie and Haley, the founder of Complexity Labs, Joss Colchester, as well as the following featured guests:

Professor Yaneer Bar-Yam is the President of the New England Complex Systems Institute. He received his SB and PhD in physics from MIT in 1978 and 1984 respectively. Since the late 1980s he has contributed to founding the field of complex systems science, introducing fundamental mathematical rigor, real world application, and educational programs for new concepts and insights of this field. In developing new mathematical methods and in their application he has published on a wide range of scientific and real world problems ranging from cell biology to the global financial crisis.

Francesco Filia is the CEO & CIO of Fasanara Capital. Prior to co-founding Fasanara, Francesco was managing director and EMEA head of the principal investors group at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, a top producing investment practice comprised of 15 professionals. In his role, Francesco directed Bank of America Merrill Lynch operations across Europe, Middle East and Africa with responsibilities on multi- strategy portfolio trading. Prior to joining Merrill Lynch in 2000, Francesco was a research analyst at JP Morgan Securities where he published several research white papers covering areas such as derivatives modeling and fixed income / volatility strategies. Francesco is a graduate of Bocconi University in Milan and a scholar of Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam.

We hope you will join us during this live conversation as we will be looking out for questions in the comments box.

Cheers to exploring systemic risk!